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All-Rubber manufacture and supply trouble-free, highly accurate and efficient rubber vulcanising equipment.

Rubber Vulcanising Equipment Made from Lightweight, High Tensile Aluminium...

Our rubber vulcanising equipment is made of lightweight, high tensile strength aluminium. The flexible nature of the platen in our vulcanising equipment assures a perfect pressure distribution whilst maintaining an accurate thickness tolerance. This proves especially suitable when splicing or repairing worn conveyor belting. Solid steel platens can also be supplied to factory presses if required.

Advanced Rubber Vulcanising Equipment that Employs an Air-Bag Pressurising System...

Air and water filler reinforced rubber bladders have revolutionised the way pressure can be applied in rubber vulcanising equipment. Our rubber vulcanising equipment employs an air-bag pressurising system whereby water or air is pumped into a reinforced rubber bladder (commonly called an air-bag). As the bag fills, pressure is then applied to the platens in the vulcanising press.

Hydraulic pressure cylinders can be utilised as the vulcanising press pressure system if preferred.

Air-Bags are the Heart of Our EAGLE, FALCON & HAWK Rubber Vulcanising Equipment...

Air-bags are the heart of our EAGLE, FALCON and HAWK rubber vulcanising equipment. The air-bags are custom made for various applications and can be designed to withstand various pressures. The EAGLE Vulcanising Press...

The EAGLE vulcanising press is designed for conveyor belt construction, repairs and sheet rubber vulcanisation. This rubber vulcanising equipment can also be used for many applications in general rubber vulcanisation and molding. The EAGLE vulcanising press comes complete with steam operated or electrically heated platens and can be pressurised using an air-bag or water-bag.

The FALCON Vulcanising Press...

The FALCON vulcanising press (Series III) has evolved from its original design into the most advanced, reliable and easy to use rubber vulcanising equipment on the market. The FALCON vulcanising press is designed to be robust and give maximum performance. By utilising a single air-bag or water-bag, this rubber vulcanising equipment provides even pressure distribution across the entire platen surface.

The HAWK Vulcanising Press...

The HAWK vulcanising press is the ultimate lightweight vulcanising press for splicing P.V.C and polyurethane belts. It incorporates all the features demanded in easy to use, sophisticated rubber vulcanising equipment for this type of work.

The HAWK vulcanising press is designed to operate on single phase power, achieving a very fast warm up time. For improved versatility, the HAWK vulcanising press has been designed to operate as a portable unit that can be completely dismantled into two parts.  


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