Military Rubber

All Rubber is at the cutting edge of providing cost-effective, customised military rubber solutions for all requirements. All Rubber has a team of chemists and specialists, engineers, technical staff and production people to handle the most complex applications and design specifications of rubber. As a result, we are Australia’s leading provider and exporter of military rubber.

There are many military rubber applications where All Rubber has developed significant technical experience. Compounds used for military rubber applications are typically fire resistant rubber varieties which have passed the most stringent fire gallery test conditions in the world.

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Military Rubber - the Choice of the Australian Defence Forces

Recently All Rubber has completed a major military rubber project for the Australian Defence Forces which included the formulation, design, manufacture and fitting of ballistic rubber panels in a state of the art special forces training facility in outer Sydney.

All Rubber’s technical team of chemists, engineers and technical specialists were able to perform the research and development necessary to produce a rubber compound and panel design which met all stringent requirements.

Ballistic Rubber

Ballistic rubber is used in areas of gun training and target practice as it is designed to sustain thousands of high velocity live fire rounds and eliminate ricochet. The CRFR65B ballistic rubber formulation was developed to comply with the high fire resistant rubber standards required by the Australian Defence Forces for use in their ballistic firing installations.

Ballistic rubber specifications:

  • Colour: black
  • Density (SG): 1.6
  • Hardness: 65 A+/- 5
  • Elastomer: CR
We design and supply ballistic rubber protection systems for live-firing ranges according to stringent design specifications. Our custom compounds are used to supply highly fire resistant rubber (passing rigorous fire gallery testing) with the most effective anti “SPLASH” (shrapnel) properties available in Australia.

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