Rubber Conveyor Belt Production

All Rubber has more than 30 years experience in producing conveyor components and the highest quality products in the rubber conveyor belt market. All Rubber is at the cutting edge of providing cost effective, customised mining conveyor belt solutions.

Built to last, All Rubber produce the toughest rubber conveyor belt products available, which is why there is no more trusted name in the Australian mining conveyor belt market.

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Eagle Belting

Eagle belting branded rubber conveyor belts are manufactured to Australian or Din standards and are renowned for being the highest quality in Australia. All manufactured Eagle belting is tested in our Australian laboratories to ensure complete quality compliance with full reports available on request.

Engineered to perform in some of the toughest Australian environmental conditions, Eagle belting is built to meet the highest performance parameters, especially catering to the mining conveyor belt market.

All Rubber’s collaboration with Eagle allows all of the company’s conveyor components to be the most competitively priced in Australia. Manufactured on hydraulic bench presses, the greatest uniformity of thickness tolerance and exceptional rubber to fabric adhesion is always ensured.

Conveyor Components and Services

Full product service and backup is provided by our field service crews, who install and maintain our full range of conveyor components. All Rubber provides fully equipped service centres catering for every belting requirement including:

  • Stock belting
  • Splicing
  • Vulcanizing rubber equipment
  • Installation equipment (belt drums, winding equipment and winches)
  • Fasteners
  • Pulley design and manufacture
  • Belt cleaners
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Vulcanizing Rubber and the Falcon Press

Vulcanizing rubber for splicing conveyor belts is done reliably and repeatedly using our breakdown Falcon Press. Hot splicing capabilities with The Falcon Press in all branches ensure the latest vulcanizing rubber machines are used for in-situ splicing with full safety equipment.

The Falcon Press is built within high safety margins using the latest stress analysis software and thermodynamic modelling. The ultimate in portability is achieved by the Falcon Press using high strength lightweight aluminium.

Standard press dimensions are in units of 200mm increments along the length or the width of the platen. The Falcon Press easily breaks down into smaller sections ideally suited for a range of different belt widths.

View our online brochure to view more information about vulcanizing rubber with the Falcon Press.
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