All Rubber Field Service - Impact Bars and Sheet Rubber

All Rubber’s typical field service work includes the supply and maintenance of conveyor impact bars, skirt rubber, pulley lagging and application of sheet rubber lining.

Impact bars provide support across the width and length of the load area on a conveyor belt. For this important purpose, no one in Australia is trusted more as a source of impact bars.

Our sheet rubber lining is ideal for:

  • Tank and chute lining
  • Pipe duct lining
  • Flotation cells
  • Valve and cyclone lining
  • Noise reduction applications
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Our range of adhesives covers all applications in the rubber industry for cold bonding of rubber to rubber or metal to rubber.

Konplas PVC Adhesives

Konplas is the leading range of PVC and Polyurethane adhesives in Australia. It is a specially formulated adhesive used to bond plastic to PVC, polyurethane, other plastics, metal, cement and wood, amongst many other materials. Excellent results have been achieved in all applications required in the mining industry.

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Kontact and Konstik Rubber Adhesives

Sheet rubber is typically applied using our rubber adhesives.

Kontact is a rubber based adhesive used in all applications of bonding rubber to metal, cement and wood amongst any others. When used in conjunction with Kontact activator, users can achieve the highest quality results available from any other rubber adhesive.

Konstik rubber adhesives are specially formulated for all rubber lining applications giving good adhesion to most rubber surfaces. It should be used in conjunction with ALL Rubber adhesion promoting primer Konprim.

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Commodore and C40 Slitting Machines

Slitting machines are used to produce skirt rubber to various smaller widths as required.

Commodore Bench Slitting machines are self driven cutting stations. They are designed to effectively cut rubber into strips of various widths. Adjustable positioning stops are used to control the depth of the cut and safety stops and protective guarding is supplied as standard.

C40 hand held slitting machines are designed to facilitate cutting of rubber by hand. It operates on the principle of a high torque, low speed electric motor requiring just a conventional 10Amp, 3 phase power supply.

All Rubber’s slitting machines make easy work of cutting rubber. There are no safer, more reliable bench slitting machines in Australia!

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