Screen Mats

All Rubber is at the cutting edge of providing cost-effective, customised rubber solutions for all requirements, including rubber screen mats and modular panels. Tension screen mats are supplied in various thicknesses and configurations and are fixed onto vibrating screens by tensioning across the end hooks.

A range of rubber capping extrusions are also available and fixed between the steel support of the vibrating screen, and the rubber tension screen mat to protect the screen mat from wearing out prematurely.

All Rubberís team of engineers, chemists and screening specialists routinely coordinate to design improved screening panels tailored to the customerís specific needs to achieve spectacular improvements in wear life and plant throughput.

Modular Panels

Moulded rubber modular panels are also used on vibrating screens typically in primary screens where there resistance to impact as well as cutting and gouging is required.

Modular panels were developed to enable selective change out of worn sections of the screening surface, while leaving less worn areas intact for longer surface life. Modular panels are produced with a tapered aperture to facilitate product flow and reduce pegging, thereby increasing efficiency.

Dust Cloth (Dust Encapsulation Rubber)

All Rubber also produces dust encapsulation rubber (know as dust cloth), which is used to provide a flexible barrier between the vibrating screen and the fixed discharge chute. The dust cloth acts as a curtain which prevents excessive dust escape.

View prices online and purchase from All Rubberís effective dust cloth range today.

Rubber Sheets and Gasket Rubber

For protecting surfaces from impact, damage, and scratches, All Rubber is the most trusted provider of rubber sheets in Australia. Rubber Sheets are supplied in various forms and grades to suit numerous applications. Gasket rubber can be supplied in roll form to be used for sealing pipe flanges, chutes and hoppers or for making specialised gaskets which can be oil, acid, alkaline or heat resistant.

These rubber sheets can also take the form of insertion rubber which generally consists of one or more plies for greater strength. Insertion rubber is suitable for many commercial applications with rubber sheets covering the top and bottom. A popular use of insertion rubber is in commercial vehicles, preventing objects from sliding around.

Download our online catalogue today to find out more about All Rubberís range of rubber sheets, gasket rubber and insertion rubber.

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