Flexiguard Fenders and Truck Mud Guards

Over 30 years experience in the transport industry has led All Rubber to develop durable, long lasting Flexiguard fenders and truck mud guards. Flexiguard is an example of an innovative solution to preventing spray from trucks driving in wet conditions and to keeping the truck clean.

Truck mud guards (also known as truck fenders or tractor fenders) cover the rear wheels of trucks or articulated trailers, using flexible but strong rubber with a unique spring arrangement. Truck fenders also prevent stone throw and greatly assist in road safety, making them compulsory in most countries.

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Flexiguard Fenders and Truck Mud Guards - “Six Point Solution”

All Rubber’s Flexiguard truck mud flaps (truck fenders or tractor fenders) can be made for any type of vehicle including large mining dump trucks. We provide the following Six Point Solution:

  1. Flexibility: Our truck mud guards are spring loaded and made of reinforced rubber to give flexibility and allow for chassis movement.

  2. Strength: The nylon reinforced rubber and design of our tractor fenders offer superior strength compared to any other flexible fenders on the market. Our truck mud guards will usually withstand tyre blow outs.

  3. Temperature: The design of our truck mud guards allows for air circulation around the tyres, reducing heat build up and tyre fatigue. This is especially important in regions that experience extreme temperature variations.

  4. Price: The recommended retail price of our truck fenders is below most other competing brands of fenders. Our truck mud guard’s life expectancy is nearly twice that of similar products. There is no doubt that our Flexiguard truck mud guards provide the best value for money.

  5. Fitting: Our truck mud guards and tractor fenders can be easily installed on all makes of trucks and trailers including single, dual and tri-axle models. The design of our truck fenders also allows for easy removal at any time.

  6. Spray Suppressant: Optional spray retarding bristles can be fitted to the outside edges of our truck mud guards to contain spray and increase road visibility from behind.
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