Rubber Matting

With over 30 years of experience manufacturing rubber matting and rubber floor mats for a variety of industries, we have unparalleled knowledge of what works and what doesn't.

Coupled with our unique, patented technology in processing and recycling used belting rubber, we produce cost-effective rubber floor mats and rubber matting solutions for multiple applications.

For high quality, durable rubber matting, rubber floor mats and other protective surfaces, we are the most trusted name in Australia.

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Pickup Mats and Tray Mats - Protecting Your Vehicle

Rubber matting is commonly used to protect vehicle tray bodies such as pickup mats or tray mats.

Our unique slicing machines allow used belting to be recycled and used in the production of pickup mats and tray mats. These rubber floor mats are ideal for use as flooring for "pickups" and utility or commercial vehicles.

The rubber matting is not glued to the bottom of the tray, allowing easy removal. Pickup mats and tray mats are typically available up to 1.5 metres wide and 6mm thick. Rubber floor mats prevent the sliding of goods in the rear of the vehicle, especially with All Rubber’s chequer plate finish for greater grip.

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Used Belting

All Rubber’s rubber matting is manufactured from used belting utilizing All Rubber’s patented slicing machines. We are always looking for used belting rubber to buy for stock or to exchange. With our international operations it is possible to deliver or buy conveyor belting rubber from any location around the world.

A36 Slicing Machines

Designed and Built in Australia, A36 Belt Slicing Machines provide new technology and options for recycling and reprocessing used conveyor belts which were previously waste products.

The A36 is patented worldwide and helping to make rubber environmentally friendly by turning a waste product into a lucrative resource.

A40 Slicing Machines

A40 Bandsaw slicer machinea are ideally suited to cutting rubber sheets and other substrates into precision thickness sheets. The bandsaw is constantly being sharpened to achieve a high quality, perfect edge for thicknessing of rubber.

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